The benefits of WorkSTEPS® from an employer perspective are: 

Decreased turnover


Increased worker productivity


Safer work environment


Reductions in lost time diminished incidence of fraud and abuse


Reduced modifier rates and Workers’ Compensation premiums


Reduction in group health insurance related costs




Identifying persons who have pre-existing cardiovascular, degenerative, or cumulative trauma disorders


Identifying persons who do not meet essential job specific requirements


Providing employers with individual assessments that appropriately match current and new employees to safe/appropriate job positions


Collects baseline physical measurements post-employment offer for comparative analysis post injury or trauma


Allows for determination of objective physical / functional loss


Qualifies legitimate injuries and disqualifies fraudulent injuries (validated sincerity of effort)


Expedites rehabilitation and return-to-work post legitimate injury


Allows for successful medical / legal intervention comparing an employee’s pre-injury and post-injury status




Historical pre-injury data from post-offer tests can be used as a baseline for claims


Data can assist in resolution of claims


Testing helps mitigate the number and cost of claims


Assists in evaluation of physical performance and capabilities post-injury


Data helps facilitate accommodations to reduce employee
time-lost due to injury

WorkSTEPS® assists in successfully: WorkSTEPS® also helps mitigate costs and days lost due to injury 
throughout the post-injury process, offering the following benefits:
WorkSTEPS® is the nation’s leading provider of functional employment testing. These tests are medically-safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective, and are specifically designed to match a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job. Only trained and licensed healthcare clinicians may administer WorkSTEPS® proprietary employment testing. Clinicians are required to participate in on-going annual re-certification training, including ergonomic, medical, clinical and legal compliance training including ADA and EEOC legal updates. WorkSTEPS® procedural forms and technology systems are web based technology and is delivered in real-time (usually within seconds of data entry) and contains a full range of employment tests data, like: Statistical Analysis (gender, age, task, etc.), ROI Reporting, and Disparate Impact Reporting. WorkSTEPS® is HIPAA, EEOC, ADA and ADAA compliant and provides for an objective system to prevent injuries and set realistic rehabilitation treatment plans for a safe, expedited return to work. WorkSTEPS® has developed proprietary protocols, procedures, and processes based on over one-million individuals that include: Job analysis & worksite assessments Functional employment testing Continuing education training Injury management protocols
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